To pay for a TILG membership, please select the appropriate membership dues structure below from the PayPal selection and pay button.  Membership dues cover the period January 1 – December 31 and are not prorated.  Also, please complete the Application Form just below the PayPal selection.

TILG Membership Dues
$175.00 – Annual Membership dues for organizations that employ more than 150 employees and have 2+ attendees.
$125.00 – Annual Membership dues for organizations that employ less than 150 employees and have 2+ attendees.
$50.00 – Annual Membership dues for an individual membership. (This type of membership is for one designated person from your organization, is non-transferable and may not be combined with another individual membership from the same company, or with a guest fee.)
$25.00 – Individual fee for attending a single quarterly meeting per calendar year as a guest only if your company does not have a membership. May not be combined with an individual membership.

For your convenience, you may pay your Membership dues or Individual guest fee by using the PayPal subscribe button below. Please select the appropriate Membership dues option from the drop down list and click the Pay Now button.  If you need to mail a check, use the address below:

TILG Treasurer
P O Box 14013
Durham, NC 27709-4013


TILG Membership Application Form

Please complete our membership application below, and indicate as many company member names with emails if selecting an organization membership. Remember to pay your membership dues above by selecting the appropriate dues option from the drop down menu and clicking the Pay Now button. Membership is active once payment has been received.

    My company is a Federal Contractor or subcontractor yesno


    My company provides professional services to a federal contractor or subcontractor yesno

    Please identify your membership type based on the TILG Membership Dues Options listed above. Please select one: Company with more than 150 employeesCompany with less than 150 employeesIndividual Membership

    Please provide names and emails of other individuals from your organization or business who should be listed on your institutional membership in the box below: