TILG Meeting September 6, 2019

  • September 6, 2019
    8:45 am - 12:00 pm

Measuring What Matters: When and where do we lose our talent? Which DE&I (diversity, equity & inclusion) initiatives produce the biggest impact? What is the bottom line ROI of your organization’s engagement activities?  HR Analytics can provide you with the tools to answer these questions and more. Analytics help organizations identify the people-related drivers of organizational performance. This discussion will address: the evolving need for information within organizations, the difference between metrics and analytics, and how your organization can start building its own set of analytics. This introductory exploration of HR analytics can help you make stronger, evidenced based people-decisions that drive better outcomes for both the organization and employees.


Moving Past Compliance towards Inclusion: After tracking the outcomes of DE&I initiatives since the 1960s, the research shows that some of the most popular DE&I programs are counter-productive. Yet, organizations continue to implement and use them with little regard to their outcomes. Why does this happen? This discussion will explore what the research says and three changes our organizations must make in order to have real impact in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Dr. Jeanne Holmes is a Human Resource/Risk Management consultant for RiskVersity, a risk management firm she operates with her husband and another business partner. In addition, she’s an Adjunct Professor of Management at North Carolina Central University.

After obtaining a B.S. in Human Resource Management from Miami University, Dr. Holmes earned an M.S. in Organizational Communication from NC State University and a PhD  in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina. Jeanne’s professional background includes human resource management experience within the banking, insurance, and manufacturing industries. In addition, she is a former research fellow for the Department of Defense (Ft. Jackson element), a certified mediator in the North Carolina criminal court system. She was a full-time Professor of Management for several years but now is a full-time HR Consultant who teaches “on the side”.

As a specialist in employee relations issues, Dr. Holmes is an international workshop facilitator and guest speaker on HR issues for HR practitioners, business leaders, government agencies, and academic audiences. She provides training solutions, selection processes, people analytics, investigation services, and more to both corporate and non-profit organizations. Her goal is to provide evidence-based interventions to help clients identify and mitigate risk among their greatest resource– their employees.


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