TILG Quarterly Meeting – March 15, 2019

  • March 15, 2019
    8:45 am - 12:00 pm

The world is rich with diversity, which is reflected in the observances celebrated by its various cultures and populations. This year we will highlight our programming around key Diversity Holidays and Topics that we as EEO/AA, Diversity and Inclusion, and Human Resources Professionals need to be aware of.  For our March meeting we are highlighting:

Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month started in 1987 and recognizes all women for their valuable contributions to history and society.

International Transgender Day of Visibility is March 31, 2019. This day is celebrated to bring awareness to transgender people and their identities as well as recognize those who helped fight for rights for transgender people.

Transgender Employees:  Recruit, Onboard, Retain!

Over the past decade, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of visible transgender people and people undergoing gender transition, with many of those remaining in their career positions.  A few years ago, a Time Magazine cover story labeled the transgender area as our “latest civil rights frontier.”  This increase in our “out” transgender population means that an increasing number of potential skilled employees may be transgender, and organizations need to make sure they can respectfully and successfully recruit, onboard and retain this key segment of the workforce as the skilled labor pools continues to tighten.  This session with cover:

  • Basic definitions – what is “transgender” and gender transitioning?
  • The business case and rationale to support transgender employees (highlighting Transgender Women in the Workplace)
  • The different levels and aspects of transgenderism in the workplace
  • Human Resources polices to consider
  • Tips for recruiting transgender candidates and challenges transition people face in the interviewing and hiring process
  • Successfully onboarding and retaining transgender talent
  • Tips for case managing and supporting employees who transition in the workplace
  • Possible sensitive areas – restrooms, pronouns and more
  • The personal story of a transgender professional
  • Best practices and success stories


Stan C. Kimer, President, Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer

Stan C. Kimer is a nationally recognized consultant and speaker on all areas of workplace diversity with a deep expertise in LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) diversity.  For four years, Stan served as IBM’s corporate global LGBT diversity manager, including establishing IBM’s procedures for supporting transgender employees and assisting with case management of employees undergoing gender transition while in the workplace.   Since retiring from IBM, Stan has trained or spoken in over 50 venues reaching over 3,000 professionals.  He is a certified Out and Equal Workplace Advocates Building Bridges Trainer and a certified Training Management Corp / Berlitz Cultural Competency Trainer / Practitioner.  Within the transgender arena, Stan has provided training to client employee and HR teams, and has assisted with case management of several gender transitions in the workplace.

In addition to his diversity expertise, Stan also offers clients an innovative yet proven program for engaging employees in meaningful organization-specific career planning.  Stan holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgia Tech and MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and in his spare time trains as a competitive adult figure skater.

Elaine Martin

Elaine Martin is a dynamic transgender woman who has been a leader in the transgender and the broader LGBTQ communities for the last 25 years. She frequently works with Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer as an Associate Consultant and owns Power of Diversity Consulting which both provide specialized training to assist employers in understanding, integrating and supporting transgender people in the workplace. Topics have included transitioning, workplace policy, relationships and the many challenges faced by trans people and those who love and work with them.

Elaine has been active in political campaigns and transgender policy having lobbied the NC legislature to change the North Carolina DMV gender marker policy and she served on the steering committee against North Carolina’s Amendment One referendum.

She spent a widely varied 23 years in the banking industry at the executive level often responsible for change initiatives, acquisitions, and human resource talent integration. She was chair of the Equality North Carolina board and is was President and Programming Chair of “The Southern Comfort Conference”; formally the largest conference of transgender people in the world.

Elaine’s previous consulting career includes Alex Sheshunoff Management Services as a bank consultant and The City of Wichita in process improvement.

Elaine holds a BA in Psychology (SUNY Buffalo), an MBA in Finance (University of New Mexico), and is a commercial pilot. She owned her own business for 18 years and is married with children.


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